Boudoir Photo Session West Palm Beach Fl

Boudoir Shoot

There’s nothing better for me than to help a women feel beautiful and confident. I love working on Boudoir photo shoots for just this reason. You have your everyday women walk thru the door and you can just see the nervousness in her eyes. With a warm smile and a welcoming hug she feels a little at ease. After chatting for a bit and discussing what we will be doing, I begin the transformation from an everyday lady to a glamour queen.

Of course our beautiful client is still not completely relaxed. This is something that she has not done before. The client still doesn’t realize what she is about to experience during the photo shoot, although it has been discussed in detail by me and my husband, Photographer, Joseph Cristina of

I begin by styling her hair. It will be the first of many styles during the session. Then comes the makeup. When I’m done I hand her the mirror….”WOW”…is usually the response.

Once Joseph starts the shoot you can start  see the transformation come together physically and mentally. She “the Client” is having fun and feeling beautiful. When the shoot is done, they are blown away with the whole experience. They can’t believe how they looked or even thought they would have been able to do something such as a Boudoir session.

For all of you that have ever contemplated it…Just do it… whether it’s just for you or a gift from the heart to that someone special…you’ll have the time of your life. And of course the beautiful images to cherish for years to come.”

I invite you to book your life transforming session with us, Fabiola & Joseph Cristina, your Boudoir Couture team!!!

“As always, look Fabulous, be Fabulous, live Fabulous…you are Fabulous!!”

All my best…


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